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Tips for a Wonderful Winter Wedding in Minnesota

May 17, 2024

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A winter wedding in Minnesota CAN be wonderful! Whether you’re planning your big day in the winter because of a special anniversary, or you’re looking for more budget-friendly options for venues (which often have seasonal pricing), or you and your fiancé are lifelong happy Minnesotans who love the cold, you can (and will!) have an awesome day with the right plans in place. 

I have attended and worked some really gorgeous winter weddings, and, let me tell you, not one of those couples has regretted it! So let’s get into how to make your winter wedding just as amazing! 

Embrace and be prepared for anything

‘Just going to name it—there could be a blizzard on your wedding day. That is a very real possibility. There could be a polar vortex! There could be no snow at all. Our climate is changing (we are not giving up the fight though!), and weather is harder to predict than ever before. That might sound daunting, but I encourage you to find beauty in this unpredictability. Your partnership with your soon-to-be spouse is the most important part of all of this! What’s a little blizzard? Maybe your wedding will be a beautiful day AND a great story!

That said, if you are crossing your fingers for a snowy backdrop for photos, the best snow is typically between mid-January and mid-March. Any earlier, and there’s less likely to be snow on the ground; and any later, you risk the dirty slush vibe. 

Focus on what you can control

One great way to be nimble with weather unpredictability is considering having a one-location day so there is less need to travel for you and your guests. And, if it ends up being a wild 50°F day in February, having one location for guests is still more convenient anyway. No loss there. 🙂

Having an indoor and outdoor plan for photos is key. If it’s really unbearable outside, or the dreamy winter wonderland background we hoped for is instead brown and dull, having an indoor backup plan with natural lighting can make a big difference. Consider both the indoor and outdoor look of the venue you choose to make sure you’re happy with either outcome.

Make intentional choices, and the rest will follow

On the note of lighting for photos, it’s good to remember that the sun sets so much earlier in the winter, which may be hard to think about if you’re planning during the summer! Creating a schedule with timing that gives more favorable lighting for photos is key.

Another thing I love to see at weddings is when couples choose to rent silk flowers vs buying plastic or imported flowers, since getting flowers during a Minnesota winter isn’t as easy as it is during the other seasons. Rented silk arrangements means a smaller carbon footprint but without a smaller wow factor. Silk Stem Collective has some gorgeous options!

Send vibes for a pre-wedding gentle snowfall

That’s right! We don’t want a snow storm so heavy that it impedes travel, but there is something incredibly romantic about freshly fallen snow. It doesn’t hurt to send vibes that way, right?

If you need someone to cross their fingers with you, or you need help with planning your winter wedding in Minnesota, I am your gal. HMU! 😀 

Still looking for inspo? Check out Lauren & Nico’s intimate winter wedding, or Moth & Logan’s at The Machine Shop in Minneapolis!

Looking for the perfect winter dress or suit? I’ve got you covered with the right places to start!

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