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How to Find a Suit for Your Wedding (All Genders Included!)

January 29, 2024

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Standing in front of a bunch of mirrors in a suit shop trying on a tux or wedding suit, you may feel pretty dapper right away. Or you may feel boxy and overwhelmed! Whether you’re a groom, a bride, or a nonbinary/gender fluid spouse-to-be, if you’re looking for wisdom on how to find a sweet and perfect suit for your wedding day, you’ve come to the right place! 

I’ll start with a few tips for you to keep in mind while browsing, and at the bottom of the post I’ll share some places where you can find the right suit for you, including some local to Minneapolis and Saint Paul. (Hint: You do NOT need to go to Men’s Wearhouse!) 

suit for lgbt wedding minnesota

Things to Consider When Finding a Suit for Your Wedding

No matter how it looks when you first try it on, you’re not just picking out a suit to wear to someone else’s wedding — that can be a lot less pressure! This time, you’re one half of the main event, and it’s a great time to find a wedding suit that not only looks good, but feels good! 🙂

Is the wedding suit or tux comfortable?

Starting easy here. Considering the fact that it’s your wedding day and not your wedding 15 minutes (ha!), make sure the suit you pick is truly comfortable. Finding a suit off the rack (usually much cheaper than a custom suit) is totally doable, and is very much worth the 15-60 extra dollars to get it tailored so it fits you well. It’s a good time to think about if your shirt stays tucked in when you move. Is it the right material for the season in which you’re getting married? Is it light enough for a potentially hot summer day? Heavy enough for a more wintery wedding? 

Can you move in the suit?

It’s going to be a really big day. You will probably be giving a lot of hugs, including with your partner. Even if it feels silly when you’re trying on a suit, move a little! Can you comfortably put your arms up? Can you have them out to hug? Can you boogie a little on the dance floor? Please make sure you can move — you won’t regret it.

Another thing you may not think of necessarily when it comes to movement is — surprise surprise, coming from me! — photos. There will be a lot of photos taken on your wedding day, and there will be lots of posing with your wedding party. A great wedding photographer will also take a lot of comfortable candids, but the very best wedding photos are ones that are taken when everyone is happy and comfortable with who they are, what they’re wearing, and who they’re with.

The sky is the limit

I feel like wedding dresses get a lot more attention when it comes to customization, but a suit can also be whatever you want it to be! They can have fun linings, have subtle or obvious patterns, and can be any number of colors (not all navies or blacks are alike, but also like, what about a maroon suit? (Or a black suit with brown elbow pads, you trendsetter, you?). You can totally find something that matches your personality.

Would you (and/or your partner!) rather wear a dress to the big event? Check out our guide for finding a wedding dress in the Twin Cities.

Have you considered the accessories?

Most suits come in 2-, 3-, or 4-part packages. But that doesn’t include the accessories usually! Of course we are shopping for the pants, coat, and vest, but what about the tie? Are you thinking of a bow tie, or a neck tie? If a neck tie, what width? What color? What texture? The accessories on your wedding day for suit-wearing spouses-to-be are vastly underrated!

The most underrated accessory of all though, in my opinion, is shoes. They of course need to match the color/vibe your wedding party has going, and your suit itself, but please, consider comfortable shoes when planning your outfit for the day! If you need to find an insole liner, or splurge on some fancy shoes you wouldn’t normally get for a formal event, do it! They will last you a long time, and you will have a much better day if your feet aren’t killing you for 12+ hours. Most wedding dresses cover the wearer’s shoes (or have the option to), but wedding suit-wearers don’t have that luxury!

That being said, if you have shoes that will look great with your suit that already fit you and are comfortable, don’t feel that you need to buy new shoes! 

Where to find a Wedding Suit

As promised, below are some places you can start your search for a suit for your wedding. I took the time to review the marketing materials for each of these businesses, and have identified the price range if given (or inferred), if they share LGBTQ+ friendly messaging, if they sell suits designed for more than just cisgender male bodies, and if they’re locally owned. In the column where I list the name of the businesses, there are direct links to their websites, too. 🙂

By the way, if I missed any suit-selling business you’d recommend (especially if they’re local to Minneapolis or Saint Paul or surrounding metro), please let me know! I’ll be stoked to add to this list and share with everyone!

Name of Wedding Suit ShopPrice Range, if givenLGBT+ Inclusivity MessagingAdvertises Suits in non-cis male cutsLocally owned small business
Atmosferenot given
Bindle & Keep$1,200 – $3,600
Bonobos$500 – $900 plus many clearance options
Heimie’s Haberdasherynot given
Indochino$500 – $600
King Brothers Clothier$3,200 – $5,900
Kirrin Finch$350 – $700✔, exclusively
Knight’s Chamber$150 – $400, more for custom
Little Black Tux$260 – $400✔, exclusively
SuitShop$200 – $400
SuitSupply$500 – $1,000

Have any questions or want to chat with a wedding photographer about achieving a great look both for you and the group on your wedding day? Get in touch! I’d love to connect!

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