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Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress in Minneapolis

December 16, 2023

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Hi there! If you’ve never been wedding dress shopping before, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. I mean, at least you know the dress will be white…right? (only if you want!) 

I’ll give you a few tips I’ve learned after going to about a million (give or take a few.. 🙂 ) weddings for my business. At the bottom of the post, I’ll share a list of some really awesome wedding dress shops in the Minneapolis/Saint Paul metro area. Hint: you don’t need to go to David’s Bridal about it! If you still have questions at the end, reach out to me and I’d love to connect! 

Wedding dress considerations

It goes without saying, but while you’re only going to wear your wedding dress one day, you’re going to wear it all day. A dress may be gorgeous, but…

Is it comfortable?

Are the fabrics soft on your skin? Does it feel itchy at all? Does the dress cut into your underarms or shoulders? Does the design match the season you’ll be wearing it in, temperature-wise?

You can find something you love without sacrificing comfort. It’s going to be a long (and amazing!) day, and you deserve to be comfortable. Some wedding shops have in-house alterations if you like everything about a dress except that.. one thing.

Can you move in it?

Think of all the loved ones you’re going to hug on your wedding day. You’re going to be walking, sitting, standing, and it’s best if you can do all those things freely! Having a change of clothes for the dance floor isn’t out of the question, but it doesn’t hurt to make sure you can boogie in your wedding dress! And I would be remiss, as a photographer, if I didn’t mention the variety of photos you can get if you can really move around!

Does it fit your budget?

I gathered the price ranges for more than a dozen locally owned wedding dress shops in the Minneapolis metro. See the table below — you have options! You can also choose to sell your wedding dress after your special day, or even rent it out! 

Does it fit your vibe?

One of the boutiques I’ll highlight later in the post boasts that they have more than 2,000 dresses in store, right now, ready to take home. And that’s just one store! Every wedding dress designer has their own vibe and specialty. A dress can be amazing but not really feel like “you.” If you’re not feeling it, don’t be afraid to switch gears and try something else. You can do anything from getting a dress altered slightly to having one custom made from scratch just for you! 

Would you (and/or your partner!) rather wear a suit to the big event? Check out our guide for finding a wedding suit in the Twin Cities.

FAQs about wedding dress shopping locally in Minneapolis/St. Paul

Where can I get my wedding gown altered?

Many wedding dress boutiques will either have in-house alterations or have close connections with a couple local options for you to reach out to. Here are some I’ve worked with:

What can I do with my gown after my wedding?

Some prefer to keep it around, but you can donate it, sell it to a consignment shop, or sell it online! You can even rent it out at some places like Freya Wilde.

When should I go wedding dress shopping?

Most boutiques recommend you pick out your gown 8-12 months before the big day. Thinking of a shorter engagement than that? You may need to find a dress with less customization, or pay expediting fees. Nothing to sweat about, but I’d get started as soon as you can! 

What am I not thinking of?

  • Tulle netting collects a lot more than you think, including small bugs! If you’re getting married in the summer in Minnesota, especially outside, it might be worth skipping layers of tulle. 
  • Glitter gets everywhere. In the spirit of Leaving No Trace, please consider avoiding glitter if you’ll be outdoors for a significant portion of your day. 
  • Gone are the days when every bride MUST wear a white dress. Many dresses can be ordered in a different color, or have an accessory as a pop of color added to them. If you have something non-traditional in mind, don’t hesitate to bring it up! 

Wedding dress shops in Minneapolis and Saint Paul metro

As promised, here is a list of wedding gown boutiques in Minneapolis and Saint Paul. The columns included are the name and link to the website; dress price range; if they have clearly stated sustainability-forward practices/options (like consignment, renting, or upcycling), if they have an LGBTQIA-affirming statement clearly displayed, and if they carry Plus Sizes (some shops mentioned they can order plus sizes specially for customers, but I put check marks for shops who seem to carry plus sizes with no fuss). I am also including if these shops are locally owned vs having multiple locations, if that’s a deciding factor for you!

All of these notes were collected early December 2023. If anything seems off, let me know, and I will gladly update! For example, just because a boutique doesn’t have a checkmark under the “LGBTQIA affirming” column, it doesn’t mean they are un-affirming. I just went by what their materials are deliberate about mentioning! 🙂 By the nature of details and price ranges changing over time, even if you make your way to this blog many months from now, I hope you see you have a LOT of options on where you find the best wedding dress for your special day.

Name of BoutiquePrice RangeSustainable options availableLGBTQIA+ Inclusivity StatementOffers Plus SizesLocally owned small business
a&bé$1,200 – $3,000
Andrea’s Vintage$700 – $2,200
anna bé$2,500 – $9,000
Beauty By Design$1,000 – $5,000
The Bridal Aisle Boutique$600 – $2,500
Brides of Francenot listed
Che Bella$1,500 – 4,500
Flutter Bridal Co.$1,500 – $12,000up to size 20
Freya Wilde$350 – $950
Grace Loves Lace$2,000 – $4,500up to size 20
Ivory Bridal Co.$1,200 – $10,000
LaNoire Bridal$1,900 – $8000
Midwest Gowns$60-200 for rent, $450-900 for purchase
Modehaus$2,000 – $5,500
Saint Strange$200 – $800
Vow’d$350 – $2,300
The Wedding Shoppe$700 – $5,000
The White Room$2,500 – $6,000

Have questions or comments? I would love to chat with you!

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