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Let's disrupt the wedding industry for the greater good.

What can I say? A better wedding experience is possible! 

But finding the right people to help you on your wedding day is a CHALLENGE.

Will they accept and support you and your relationship? What about your loved ones? Will they be treated with respect or whispered about when you're out of earshot?

How can you make sure your celebration has a minimal impact on the environment? How can you stay true to the principles that guide your daily lives?

Who will help make sure you have time to relax and enjoy your day? Who will actually enhance your celebration?

Take a deep breath. You're in the right place!

I'm Jess! And yes, I want to be more than just your wedding photographer. 

While I have a very special place in my heart for wedding photos, I know that your photography experience is so much more than pretty pictures.

What I care about most is:
  • Creating a space where you can feel safe to celebrate in the way that is most authentically you, with the ones you love most
  • Guiding you to a more sustainable celebration
  • Making sure you have a KILLER wedding experience

Together, you and I can be a small part of shifting the wedding industry to be open to more types of celebrations and couples, lower its environmental impact, and center around your experience and relationship instead of the social norms. 

Because a better wedding experience is inevitable if we work together!

You are pumped to be engaged to the love of your life, and you are STOKED to celebrate!




Certified Officiant



Traditional American Wedding? Non-American Wedding? Blending cultures or religions? Interracial? LGBTQ+? No wedding party? Don't drink alcohol? Vegan? Don't want a first dance? The list goes on...

I can’t tell you how much I DON’T CARE. But, like, in a good way! ;)

What I do care about is that you are able to celebrate YOUR relationship and YOUR marriage YOUR way. After all, this ain’t your mother’s wedding! 

Let’s combine your vision and my expertise to create and document the absolute best experience you can imagine! 

Let's Break it Down...


Super fun!

Here’s my hot take: your wedding should be fun and enjoyable to you, whatever that looks like! 

Does an all out party with 300 family and friends sound like the most you? AWESOME. 

How about a super intimate gathering with 1o of your closest people? AMAZING. 

Something in between? Or maybe just the two of you? LET’S DO IT. 

YOUR people. YOUR personalities. YOUR wedding. 


"Jessica was incredibly helpful and fun to work with!"

Jessica was incredibly helpful and fun to work with!

My (now) husband and I were looking for a photographer that would help us create fun memories and make taking photos not feel like an obligation.

She helped us to be comfortable in front of the camera, and helped us to make a plan and set a schedule!

If we had any questions, she was happy to answer them. She was easy to communicate with, and we had no worries about photos day of because we felt we could trust her to take good photos.

She delivered the photos in a timely manner and they were incredibly easy to work with! I'm grateful she was on our team, and I highly recommend working with her!



Were you looking for personal info about me?
Much obliged! 

Never without

Chapstick + waterbottle


Violin + math, all day e'ery day

Married to

Jake, the best of the best, for almost 14 years!


Teddy, the tabby!


Runner with Mill City Running,
clinic escort with ProChoice MN,
election judge for Saint Louis Park


Are you Canadian or something?

For starters, I am not why did I choose a maple leaf as part of my logo? 

It’s a bit of a story — I grew up with a maple tree in both my front and back yards. The backyard tree had a tire swing on which I spent a decent portion of my childhood, and it also shaded our sandbox (which was actually a large tractor tire filled with sand). My sisters and I played with the helicopters in the spring and the leaves in the fall, and our golden retriever loved to run circles around it. 

There is also a lovely maple tree in my front yard now, in my and my husband’s first home together.

In 2018, my dad kept talking about wanting a tattoo after watching my sister and me collect them over the years. The three of us decided to pick a leaf from my mom and dad’s front yard maple, preserve it (you know, like your 4th grade leaf project), and bring that to a tattoo artist. My dad, youngest sister, and I have matching tattoos of the same leaf from our family home. 

When it came time to pick a logo, I felt that this maple leaf symbol was not only a representation of me and my family, but also of something I care deeply about — trees and nature. I am eternally grateful to the maples in my life — their shade, entertainment, and beauty. 

So, while I am not Canadian, I feel connected to maple trees and decided to honor that by incorporating them into my business!



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