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Everything You Need for Planning Your Proposal in the Twin Cities

November 25, 2023

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It’s likely in this day and age that you and your partner have talked about marriage long before anyone proposes. This is great in the long term (yay for equal partnership!) but it’s ok to still want to surprise your partner with a ring! You’ll probably have to be more sneaky in your planning, but I promise you it’ll be worth it. 🙂 There are lots of amazing places around the Twin Cities, from parks and iconic backgrounds to restaurants and breweries and everything in between! But there is so much more than choosing a location at which to propose. I’m here to help you navigate planning the perfect proposal — let’s go!

Still looking for the perfect ring? Find everything you need to know here!

Getting started planning your proposal

Let’s start with the basics. Answer these questions to start painting yourself a picture:

  1. Who do you want there with you, if anyone? Who do you have confidence in that can help you plan without spilling the beans?
  2. What, if anything, do you want to include in the proposal? Some examples are:
    • Picnic setup
    • Lights, flowers, or anything else to make the space special
    • Nothing! Go with the natural beauty of the space, whether that’s nature or a skyline.
  3. Where will you propose?
    • Is there somewhere meaningful to you that you have dreamed of proposing? Maybe you are an adventurous couple and would value a new experience. 
    • Are you ok with something fairly public, or do you prefer that your proposal is private?
  4. When —
    • Start with Season — is there a season that is special to you, or that you know your partner loves?
    • Next choose a date and time of day — once you’ve narrowed down the season, finding a time in your schedules that is solid at least a few weeks in advance helps a TON. Whether this is on a sunrise walk or during a glowing sunset, do what feels best for you!

Pro tips for planning a proposal in the Twin Cities or in Minnesota in general:

  • To guarantee snow, shoot for January-March, with March historically being the snowiest. Dreamy winter lights in Minneapolis typically go up after Halloween and hang around until at least New Years.
  • The best spring blooms show in mid- to late-May through the first week of June.
  • Summer is pretty much in full force June-September. Just remember that sunrise is very early and sunset is very late for much of that!
  • Peak fall colors tend to vary, but most often they show in mid-October. Book your photographer EARLY for October — this is our busiest time of the year!

Book your proposal’s photographer

I will not lie to you…I remember very little about being proposed to 15+ years ago. This does not have to be the case for you! These are planned, yet intimate and meaningful moments, and you deserve to commemorate them! Emotions run high, adrenaline is going, and there are definitely things that are going to happen that you won’t even catch. A photographer can help you with that! Bonus: share your new memories with your family and friends!

Beyond photos, a photographer can help with planning, picking the perfect location, date, and time of day, and making sure that you have everything you need to be successful. Think of them as a friend in your pocket, as someone to rely on during this special event!

Get help from your close pals

You won’t be alone in your marriage, so you shouldn’t be alone when you propose marriage to your partner! Find a couple close family members or friends who can help you sneakily create an amazing, well-thought out proposal. 

planning a proposal in the twin cities with friends

Ask them to talk through logistics with you, take your partner on a date to get their nails done, create a cover event so they’re dressed nicely without being suspicious, set up a post-proposal celebration, and provide you with moral support.

Get your partner ready for the proposal, but on the DL

As I alluded to in the previous section, preparing your partner without them getting wind of your plans can be difficult. Have a chat with said “close pal” and come up with a list of what is important. If your sweetheart never gets their nails done, don’t force it. On the other hand, if they are someone who always has a fresh dip or coat of paint, make sure theirs is fresh when you propose rather than chipped and at the end of life. 

Similarly, think of what they may want to be wearing, particularly if you are having a photographer and/or a post-proposal party. A fancy friends’ night out, cover celebration for a family member, or holiday party could be the perfect reason to dress up without giving away your plans!

Here are some things to think about with your team:

  • What, if anything, is your cover event? If you have regular date nights or woodsy hikes, maybe you don’t need one!
  • When is their next nail or hair appointment?
  • What do you think they would like to be wearing? Remember to think of aesthetics, comfort, and terrain (i.e. if you’re going to be going for a half mile walk, maybe forgo the outfit that requires heels.)
  • How fancy or casual do you want to go?

Get yourself ready

Don’t forget about yourself! 

Create a plan for you that complements your plan for your partner. Work with your team, including your photographer, to make sure that the location you’re planning to propose is ready and that everyone is where they need to be. 

Pro tip: using location services or “find my friends” helps so you don’t have to be covertly texting or calling anyone. Ensure that your plans allow enough wiggle room in case things aren’t going according to your timeline. 

Hide the ring well on your person, but make sure it’s also accessible when you want to take it out. It might sound strange, but practice this so you have a bit of muscle memory! 

Lastly, take a deep breath. It’s going to be great no matter what 🙂


You’ve done all the work, assembled your team, picked the perfect ring, and now it’s time to go! Simply let your plans unfold, and make sure that you take it all in while it’s happening too! Even if you can’t absorb everything, your photographer for your proposal will help you catch the special moments.

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Whether it’s just the two of you, or you’re planning an after party with family and friends, consider something after your proposal to celebrate this big step! There is no universal answer here — go with whatever makes sense for you as a couple. 

Ready to start planning your proposal in the Twin Cities, but looking for some help? Reach out here! I love helping couples create and savor special moments, and would be honored to help you do just that!

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