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Where you can find inspiration for your engagement or wedding, and learn how to be more sustainable as you celebrate!

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bride and groom at their sustainable wedding surrounded by nature in the fall


7 High-Impact Sustainable Wedding Tips

Learn high-impact tips for having a sustainable wedding celebration in Minneapolis, from food to flowers to location to photography!

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couplel at their intimate wedding in Minneapolis


Small Wedding in Minneapolis

Considering a small wedding in Minneapolis or the Twin Cities? Take some inspiration from Heather and Nate’s amazing, intimate wedding!

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how to elope in the twin cities


How to Elope in the Twin Cities

Want to have a small but elegant wedding celebration but don’t know where to start? Find out some great ideas here!

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elopement at cuyuna cove


How to Elope at Cuyuna Cove

Why elope at Cuyuna Cove? If you’re here, you have probably heard about this amazing place on the iron range in Crosby, Minnesota with its nationally renowned mountain biking trails, glamping cabins and tents, and the adorable town main street just down the road. But just in case you haven’t heard of this gem, take […]

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eco-friendly floral


Eco-Friendly Wedding Floral

Why Choose Eco-Friendly Wedding Floral? If you are looking for ways to reduce the environmental impact of your wedding celebration, choosing eco-friendly floral is a great place to start! Buying locally grown flowers is a growing trend, which is great! Still, about 80% of cut flowers sold in the US are imported, primarily from South […]

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A couple with their guests getting married at the Minneapolis Courthouse at the Hennepin Government Center


How to Get Married at the Minneapolis Courthouse

Courthouse weddings are great if you would like an intimate ceremony, are on a budget or a tight timeline, or even if you would like to avoid the stress of planning a larger wedding. You may even consider a small courthouse wedding if you are local to Minnesota and have a destination wedding planned to save on some logistical considerations like obtaining a marriage license or filing paperwork post-ceremony.

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