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How to Elope at Cuyuna Cove

August 14, 2021

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Why elope at Cuyuna Cove? If you’re here, you have probably heard about this amazing place on the iron range in Crosby, Minnesota with its nationally renowned mountain biking trails, glamping cabins and tents, and the adorable town main street just down the road. But just in case you haven’t heard of this gem, take a look at what the fuss is all about here!

Ok, now we know about Cuyuna – cute right?! Well, it gets cuter! Keep reading to find out how Kat & Liz eloped in this wonderland, and tell me it doesn’t sound amazing!

First thing’s first: What is an elopement?

To me, an elopement is an intimate wedding that represents exactly who you are as a couple. Nothing more and nothing less. Maybe you choose to elope to have a special day with just the two of you or to create an epic wedding experience together. Maybe you do it to reduce the waste that come with large weddings. Whatever the reason, it’s a day that will go down in your couple’s history book forever. Above all, it’s a day to celebrate you and the deep love that you share!

Kat and Liz eloped at Cuyuna Cove in May 2021 – come with us on the journey of their wedding weekend to see how amazing an elopement can be!

What can an elopement at Cuyuna Cove look like?

Cuyuna Cove has 5 amazingly adorable Swedish-style cabins, which Kat & Liz rented out for their families. Here is a glimpse into their wedding weekend:

Pre-wedding day: Arrive at Cuyuna Cove and bike those nationally renowned mountain biking trails on Crosby’s iron range!

Wedding day has arrived! Get ready in separate cabins with the help of some amazing besties and parents!

Kat’s mom and Liz’s best friend helped to make this special couple look their best before seeing each other for the first time! I love the personality that each showed with their outfits and the care they took when choosing each detail!

First look! I mean…I could probably just die happy now, right?

Kat & Liz did their first look on the deck of the Acro cabin, which, I have to say, was absolutely perfect! You’ll never hear me talking anyone out of doing a first look!

Couple’s portraits! Time to get silly, get intimate, and be yourself!

We strolled around the site to take Kat & Liz’s wedding portraits, taking advantage of the natural beauty of Cuyuna as well as the beautiful stringed lights and secret nooks hidden here and there.

Time to tie the knot! Kat’s best friend, Danielle absolutely KILLED it! And peep that amazing (and plastic-free!) floral by Minne Floral Co.!

Officiant and best friend, Danielle, and DJ and best friend Callan pulled off a wonderfully intimate ceremony for Kat & Liz. The dads built the arbor (seriously, isn’t that floral to die for?) and walked them down the hill to get married! There were big tears and big laughs, and best of all a married couple at the end!

Celebrate with some lunch and ice cream in town – yay for WINGS and ICE CREAM!

There are a bunch of delicious places to eat on and around main street in Crosby, which is about half a mile from Cuyuna Cove. Grab some pizza at the Red Raven Bike Cafe, wings at the Trailside Tavern and dairy-free ice cream at Victual!

Outfit change? I think yes! Chill for the day with friends and family? Yes please! Add pizza dinner and cake from Pie, Pie My Darling (this was some seriously bomb cake, btw), and we’ve got a celebration!

After snacks and pizza, it was time for cake! I still can’t decide if Pie, Pie My Darling’s cakes were more beautiful or more delicious! We all sat around a campfire together telling stories and enjoying each other’s company in the peaceful woods.

What’s an elopement without a champagne spray? Well, not Kat & Liz’s elopement, that’s for sure!

‘Nuff said here, ya?

Ride off into the sunset; you’re married!!!!!!

We did it! After an epic weekend with some epic family and friends, Kat & Liz are married and have memories that will remind them of their love for each other. Every time they visit Cuyuna, they will remember how they felt on this day!

To sum it all up, Cuyuna Cove is the Perfect Place to Elope!

An elopement is an intimate wedding that is exactly you! Comment below to tell me what your perfect elopement day or weekend would look like!

If you’re thinking of eloping and would like to learn more, feel free to reach out! We can talk about your vision and make your wildest dreams come true!


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  1. Yara says:

    Those gifs are AMAZING absolutely adorable ♥️

  2. Aly says:

    Such a well written blog post, I love that you went in-depth and also included images from an elopement session. I can’t wait to read more of your blog posts 🙂

  3. Allie says:

    Amazing tips!! Also, the gif of the couple is absolutely adorable

  4. Heather says:

    These are absolutely beautiful and this adorable couple was so lucky to have you! Looks like a cool location too 😍

  5. Rita says:

    Your photos are so incredibly beautiful and filled with emotions! so good to look at them!

  6. Marla says:

    Absolutely love the way you captured (and displayed) this gallery! Looks like a perfect day.

  7. Kat says:

    What a cute little ceremony! How were those adorable cakes?! I love their joy that comes through so clearly here.

  8. Kira says:

    The midwest is SUCH an underrated place to elope, I love it so much. This couple is also the CUTEST oh my gosh, that champagne pop is adorable as heck!

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