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Getting Wedding Gown Alterations in the Twin Cities

June 26, 2024

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So you’ve found your dreamy wedding gown, and the next step is to get it hemmed, altered, and perfected. I’m here and excited to share tips on where in the Twin Cities to get wedding gown alterations, and tips on making the most of this service. 🙂 

wedding gown alterations tailor seamstress minneapolis

It may be tempting to want to take your wedding gown to a regular tailor to save a few bucks, but I’d advise against this. Altering a wedding gown is much more complex than taking a little hem here, a little hem there. Alterations often need to be made to many layers, and a regular tailor may not have a ton of experience with details such as creating bustles. It’s best to go with someone who is an actual wedding gown specialist. (Psst! I have some Twin Cities-based recs below!)

Did you know? If your gown has a train, you will need to add a bustle so your dress doesn’t get stepped on during your reception. Most dresses don’t come off the rack with bustles, so they need to be added by a pro!

Some of the typical types of alterations for a wedding gown

  • Hem gown to length
  • Changing sleeve style or length
  • Adding bra, corset, or waist stay
  • Adding a bustle system
  • Adding or changing the closure
  • Take gown in or let gown out
  • Changing the back
  • Changing the neckline
  • Building an additional piece (i.e. overskirt, sleeves/straps, cape)
  • Adding details like beading, lace, buttons, belt, or additional fabric

As you can see, quite a few different skill sets are represented in this craft! The total cost of wedding gown alterations range from $50 for a simple hem, to $900 for more extensive custom alterations. All sorts of variables go into the price of the service, including the type(s) of fabric, the number of layers in the gown, how quickly you want the adjustments made, and the difficulty of the alterations requested.

Making the most of your alteration appointments

Getting your wedding gown altered is an important investment in your big day to feel your best! So let’s make the most of your appointments. 🙂

Wear what you plan to wear on your wedding day

Bring the shoes you plan to wear so your height is perfectly represented. Also, please consider that you might want to change your shoes (or lose them all together!) for the reception. I recommend bringing the jewelry you plan to wear, any gloves or veils. I even recommend wearing the undergarments you plan to wear on your wedding day too! You want the fit to be perfect, with no surprises, so why not mirror the day as best as you can?!

Bring a supportive friend along

One of the most helpful things you can bring to your wedding gown alteration appointments is not a thing at all, but a supportive friend. This is the perfect moment for a friend who will gas you up. Why not make it fun??

Plan ahead

Expect two or three alterations appointments to ensure the perfect fit. The follow-up appointments will be shorter (~30 minutes) than the first one (~60 minutes), but it’s still good to give your timeline plenty of breathing room. Getting your first fitting about three to four months out from your wedding day is ideal, as it is a sweet spot for not working too far ahead, while also not leaving the alterations for last minute. However, the timeline depends on the professional you’re working with. Some vendors prefer a longer countdown, even as many as eight months ahead of your wedding day. 

Another thing I want to mention, if your weight tends to fluctuate like many of our bodies do, please don’t fret. It doesn’t matter how many times the dress needs to be taken in or out. Your body is perfect, and the dress can be changed to fit perfection!

One last wedding gown alteration hack

Ask your alterations specialist to save any dress trimmings for you. They can be used for so many things, including gorgeous detail shorts, or even an accessory for your partner to wear. Peep Mark’s bow tie and pocket square, made from Stav’s wedding gown!

wedding gown alterations what to do with trimmings ideas with twin cities couple featured

Wedding Dress Alterations Vendors in Minneapolis/Saint Paul

Of course this isn’t a list of every great wedding gown specialist, but I can totally vouch for these professionals below!

And just a few more recommendations to help you out!

  • Thigh Society (light underwear to prevent thigh chafing)
  • Spanx (shapewear)
  • SKIMS (shapewear)
  • Goodlines (boob tape — make sure you practice!)
  • Ask your alterations specialist to sew in cups for you if you don’t want to use tape or wear a bra
  • Don’t be afraid to go commando if you find that underwear gives you lines! 

I hope these tips bring a little piece of mind to your wedding gown alteration adventures. Let me know if you’d like to connect, if you’re looking for inspo on getting ready photos, or if you’re still on the fence about choosing the perfect wedding officiant. 🙂

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