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Minneapolis Pool Engagement Session

March 8, 2024

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So. You’ve seen Pinterest engagement photo inspiration, but somehow those images or poses or something just aren’t hitting you. At the same time, you are aware that working with your wedding photographer ahead of your wedding is super important. Enter me, giving you permission to be ultra-weird and original with your engagement session! How about one in a pool?

Here is how I worked with one of my couples to make their dream of a super cool pool session a reality!

How to Plan a Fun Engagement Session at a Pool

Overall, this process is super simple — it just takes a bit of coordination!

First, consider the season your session is in. Taylor and Lucas’ wedding is in September, and they were looking to have their engagement photos complete about 6 months ahead of their wedding. In Minnesota, that means before March, which means winter! 

We checked Swimply for some indoor pool options in the Twin Cities with great reviews, natural light, and most importantly, asked the owner if photos were allowed at their pool. 

After that, we simply coordinated our calendars! Since this pool had some super cool neon lights installed, we chose to start 30 minutes before sunset to get some nice afternoon glow and then transitioned into nighttime to get some more creative, fun shots in the dark. (In our case, we didn’t actually get to use the neon lights, but the results are still super fun!)

Once we had our spot picked out, Taylor and Lucas picked their two outfit options using my engagement session guide to help them along. They chose to wear “normal” clothes, but you could totally rock your favorite swimwear! After all that planning, you guessed it! We just had to wait for the date to arrive! 

Here’s a simple breakdown of our process:

  1. Decide if you need an indoor or outdoor space.
  2. Find up to three options with natural light and any other features you think are neat.
  3. Message the owner to ask if photo sessions are allowed in their space. 
  4. Once you find the right fit, chat with your photographer about the best time of day to have your session to meet your vision. 
  5. Get ready!
  6. Have a freaking ball!

Photos from Taylor & Lucas’ Pool Engagement Session

Here are some photo highlights from our time at the Swimhouse in Minneapolis!

Want to schedule your pool engagement session or have another fun idea? Reach out and let’s get to work!

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