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Bollywood Style Engagement Session in Minneapolis

February 18, 2022

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Nirlep, who self-describes as “extra”, wanted to have a Bollywood Style Engagement Session in Minneapolis, specifically at the New Brighton Ice Castles! She and her fiance, Amrit, live in Chicago and San Francisco, respectively, and love to travel. So, they decided that they would have an engagement session for every season, and I was lucky enough to get to photograph their winter session here in Minnesota!

If you are unfamiliar with Bollywood, it’s all about the dramatic! The stories, the colors, the movement. And even though we were taking still photos, those things still can make a huge difference!

Here’s how their unique, two-location, three-outfit session went:

We met at the Rice Creek Regional Trail Head, where there are lovely tall pines. It had snowed the night before, and we were happy to have a fresh blanket after some warmer weather. You Minnesotans know what I’m talking about, ya? Nirlep and Amrit decided to start the session with winter clothes, which still had a super cute pop of color, and we got to have some fun in the woods!

Then, Nirlep changed into her traditional sari, which was red and sparkly and SO AMAZING! Probably the only thing that we would have changed is for her to wear closed boots the whole session, but we made it! We popped down by the creek in that beautiful, winter, direct sun. So warm πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Next, it was time to head to the Ice Castles! We checked in and started exploring right away. If you haven’t been, this place is super magical, even if you’re not dressed like a Bollywood actress! The ground was loose snow, and Nirlep’s shoes were not having it, so we went to the car to warm up, put on some closed-toed booties, and change into her third outfit. You guessed it, a dramatic, flowing red dress. Amrit changed into a suit with a red tie to match, and even swapped his glasses for contacts.

Let me pause here to say that variety in your session goes a long way! Each outfit is a different feel, and can give you some renewed energy and us a creative fresh start basically every 45 minutes!

Ok, so we headed back in to the Castles as the sun was going down and the lights were glowing. We found some mazes, a throne for the couple, and an amazing archway. As our last activity, Nirlep and Amrit grabbed a couple sleds and slid down the ice slide! How’s that for drama and, to be honest, complete bravery?!?

This Bollywood Style Engagement Session was a massive success for Nirlep and Amrit! I’m so happy to have been a small part of their pre-wedding celebrations!

Not shown in these photos are Nirlep’s brother and his girlfriend, who were able to help us with holding coats and other things so we could have a super smooth session. I’d definitely recommend bringing a helping friend to your session, especially if it will help you relax!

Ready to book your winter or two-part engagement session! I’m ready for you! Contact me here and let’s goooo!!

Bollywood style engagement session in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Couple in brightly colored clothing celebrating their upcoming wedding!

I’m so ready to create an amazing engagement session with you! Contact me here to start! <3

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