I know first hand that choosing a wedding photographer can feel overwhelming at times, but I am here to put you at ease! I love having fun with my couples, and capturing exactly who they are in this moment. I'm always here to answer questions, be your biggest advocate, and make beautiful images of you and your partner to enjoy and share for the rest of your lives!

what will it be like working with me?

Working with Jess was the best photography experience I could ask for! She was very thorough, made us feel very comfortable, and took fantastic pictures. She made our vision come to life in her pictures! I would recommend her to anyone I know. She’s also so nice and easy to communicate with- 11/10! 

-Kat & Liz

so, how does all this work?

1. you send me a message

2. we set up a chat sesh!

3. i send you a personalized quote To fit your specific needs

4. you choose which package is best for your unique day

5. we get ready for your engagement session!

6. it's engagement session time!!

7. we finalize details and timeline for your big day!

8. we made it! Time to get you married!

9. did someone say sneak peek?

10. your final gallery is looking great!

Hop on over to that Contact Form and tell me all about you, your vision for your day, and maybe even include a love story teaser!

We'll set up a time for the three of us (you, your bae, and me) to talk more about you and the wedding you are planning! This will also give me a chance to tell you more about my process so we can make sure we are a good fit for each other!

Your wedding has never been done before, so you will get a personalized quote with options based specifically on what your one-of-a-kind day will look like.

You let me know which package option is best for you and then we book! I will send you your final quote from which you will be able to electronically sign your contract and pay your retainer, reserving your date! EEK it's all getting so real!!!

You're booked and now you get to get pumped for your engagement session! I will send you some info to help you pick out a spot and some things to think about for outfits - the most important thing being that you get to be you!

This is an awesome opportunity for you and your partner to work one-on-one with me, and we get to learn even more about each other! I'll get to know more about your personalities together and you will get to learn how I shoot, which will make your wedding day all the more fun!

One month before your wedding, I will send you a questionnaire to gather all of your final details, from timeline to family portrait combos. We'll also check in the week of wedding to verify all your details. WE'RE SO CLOSE!!

On your wedding day, I will arrive early, ready to capture your most special of days! I will be with you all day, capturing the biggest and smallest moments, and everything in between! It's going to be awesome!

Within a few days of your wedding, I will have some selected images from your wedding to deliver to you! This way, you will be able to relive your day while you await your final gallery!

Get ready to smile SO BIG. Your final gallery will be delivered 4-6 weeks after your wedding, and you'll be able to gush with your friends and family about how amazing your day was and feel that love all over again! Woooo!!!!

Starting on your wedding day, you are choosing to be bound in many ways to your partner; a team for life. Your marriage signifies the beginning of something wonderful. And what a better way to start that partnership than to show gratitude to our planet and all it provides?

I am here to help you incorporate and think about sustainability as you plan your wedding. From your venue to your flowers, decorations, food, and gifts - wherever you want to work sustainability in, I will be here to guide you.

Don't get me wrong, your celebration should be 100% you, and in no way would I judge any decision you make for your wedding. The idea is to think about these things and make the best decision for you. Further than that, you and your partner have now spent months thinking about your celebration's potential impact on the environment, and can take the knowledge you gain forward in your marriage. 

What are some of my favorite suggestions? Real and seasonal flowers, a caterers/venues that compost, planting a tree at your ceremony, and reused or repurposed decorations! 

I would be honored to help you start out your partnership with planet in mind!

I believe the marriage is greater than the wedding day

My Philosophy

Jessica is simply amazing. She did a “first house” photo shoot for my fiancé and I and each picture turned out incredible. Both my fiancé and I feel awkward and nervous in front of a camera but Jessica went above and beyond making us feel comfortable (played music we liked, gave us games or “tasks” to do to stay focused on each other vs the camera, etc) and it truly showed in the photos. We are so happy with how each shot turned out and appreciate Jessica for capturing a very special memory for us. She did such a great job we decided to hire her as our wedding photographer!

-Liv & Callie

Jessica is creative with a great personality! Our couple’s shoot was more laughs than anything, and I was very pleased when I saw the insightful shots Jessica had thought to capture along the way, as well as the great posed ones. 

-Amon & Anna



curling up with a book

all the seasons, but esp. winter!

discovering new music

creating adventures!

dressing up and going out

dressing down and staying in

JKP Couples love

snuggling with pets

being in love <3

people watching ;)

games with friends

local coffee shops


cooking meals together

caring for mother earth